Color Sets the Mood

Color of the year 2017
Color of the year 2017

Ever notice when you walk into some rooms, they just feel right? You can’t quite put your finger on what creates that feeling, you just seem to know. Often that feeling comes from the color of the room. The Color affect our mood and our perception of everything, from houses, to cars, rooms, furniture and clothing.

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Wallpapering corners correctly – Instructions for neat installation

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With a little bit of practice, it is actually pretty simple to hang wallpaper on straight walls. But in every room, you will find odd problem situations, which can only be solved when you follow a correct procedure. One of these problems is the corners of a room and how to hang the wallpaper correctly so that it won’t come loose later or where the patterns no longer match. To prevent you from having problems, Style Your Castle provides you with detailed instructions and a step by step guide to correctly hang wallpaper in corners.

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The Words on the Wall

usaWallpaper does not have to be stripes or dots or fleur-de-lis. It can be photos or clip art or words.  Using words allows you to express yourself in a variety of ways, and you have total control of the look, feel, and content.

A saying or quote is the most direct way to share your message with family and friends. A quote from a book, poem, or song can raise your spirits multiple times per day. It can also welcome your guests, raise aspirations, or just cause a smile. Choosing the right font and background color/design can make the message subtle or bold. It can be as fanciful as you wish, a quiet reminder of memories, a goal to be attained, or a trigger to evoke a mood.

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Brighten Up A Child’s Room

Focus on fun!

color-animals-origCreate a fun wall in your child’s room that is colorful, interesting and designed just for them. This is a quick and easy process. What you see here is the basic design called “Funny Animals.”  It was created for an 8′ high x 12′ wide wall, with the center design being three panels wide and the five side panels being on either side of the center. You can use it just as it first appears in the editor, but look at what you can accomplish in just a few moments. Continue reading Brighten Up A Child’s Room

A Tour of Style Your Castle – 3

Welcome back for the third part of our wallpaper creation tour!

You’ve chosen your starting design, and now it is time for a few details.
It is important that you carefully measure the wall on which you intend to place the wallpaper. Wall height is the vertical distance that will be covered by wallpaper. The wallpaper you receive from SYC is created in ready-to-hang panels that are cut to your measurement for length.

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A Tour of Style Your Castle – 2

Welcome to the second in the series.

This time, we will show you how to choose your core design. I chose the Flower Fence design in the Nature / Animals category for this example.

Most wallpaper is made with all of the panels identical to all other panels. You can choose to do things differently at Style Your Castle.

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A Tour of Style Your Castle – 1

SYC logo for WordPressWelcome to Style Your Castle.

What follows is the first of several blogs about what you will experience when you decide to create your own wallpaper with SYC. I want to encourage you to jump in and play with this incredible editor. It is fun and you can create some awesome wallpaper that meets your needs for size, design, and color. Not an off the shelf product, we give you hundreds of designs, and then allow you to morph them into your own special creation.

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Up Against the Wall

ecken-tapezieren-werkzeugPeople ask, “Isn’t putting up wallpaper hard to do?” The answer is, “Not so much.”

Putting it on the wall has never been easier! New substrates (the stuff wallpaper is printed on) and new adhesives make putting up wallpaper much easier than it used to be. Depending upon your choice of wallpaper, one of these methods will work best for you:

Traditional, Paste the paper– Traditional “paper” paper is still the choice for many designs, and there are paper-backed vinyl and vinyl-coated papers that may require using traditional methods. Apply paste to the back of the paper, book it for 10 minutes, then place the paper on the wall. Continue reading Up Against the Wall

Tame a Wild Ombre!

Yellow and pink bedroomOmbré walls, with their beautiful gradation of color, are very popular. Creating an ombré wall with paint takes time and talent. Why not create an ombré wall with wallpaper instead?

The ombré you create will be a smooth gradation from floor to ceiling, and all you have to do is enter the size of the wall and the color(s) you wish to use. Here are several of examples of moods you can create.

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Welcome to Style Your Castle!

Welcome to Style Your Castle!

Ever searched for wallpaper and couldn’t find that perfect pattern or color?

Why not create it yourself with Style Your Castle?portrait for blogjpg4

Have you ever wanted a knockout accent wall but didn’t have the time or skills to tackle a blank canvas that large?

Using Style Your Castle tools, your vision quickly and easily becomes a reality, delivered right to your door.

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